What does a company looks in a software architect?

For several years I’ve seen what consultancy companies expect from Software Architect, this is an abstract:

Customer Obsession.

  • Customer trust
  • Attention in competitors
  • Obsess over customers


  • Think long term
  • Act on behalf of the company

Invent and Simplify

  • Innovation & invention
  • New ideas from anywhere

Are right, A lot

  • Strong judgment (good instincts)
  • Diverse perspectives


  • Always learning
  • Improve ourselves

Develop the best

  • High performance bar
  • Recognize exceptional talent
  • Coaching

Highest standards

  • Quality in products, services and process

Calculate risk taken

  • Speed matters
  • Take a count many decisions and actions are reversible


  • More with less

Earn trust

  • Listen
  • Speak
  • Becnhmark ourselves

Dive deep

  • Operate at all levels
  • Audit frequently

Disagree & Commit

  • Challenge decisions when disagree
  • When decision is determined, commit wholly
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