Tips and tricks #4. Working directory of CloudBerry Backup

Hi everyone and welcome to episode #4!

CloudBerry Backup for Windows (does not matter what you run either Ultimate edition or other) with UI contains all necessary buttons and triggers in the UI, however sometimes you may need to jump quickly into working directory (they one with enginesettings.list etc). So the quickest way to find your-self in that directory is to go Tools -> Diagnostic -> Open in Folder. Eventually you will be taken to Diagnostic popup where you don’t want to send logs. You just want to jump into logs folder. Apparently your settings, plans configurations, license data and so on are sitting one level up.

CloudBerry Backup settings folder

You may have a question. Why should you care of root folder for settings and configurations of plans and other internal staff of the product. Well, because you may have multiple CloudBerry Backup instances (let’s say Managed Backup Service or standalone image based backup for windows). You may want to make some of the changes in your configuration of plans, but these changes are not possible to do in the UI. You want to check your plan settings or you want to use some of the new features, but they are not visible in the UI.