Digital Currencies Expert, Inventor, Computer Scientist to Headline PCMA’s Private Capital Markets Conference (Press Release)

CloudCoin People, we are happy to share with you the official press release about Sean Worthington’s appearance at PCMA Conference this April:

At 14, Sean H. Worthington learned to program the Atari 400 computer. One of the first computers available. At 16, he won an international scientific contest that allowed him to go on a three month scientific expedition to unvisited areas of the Australian Outback. And at 18, Sean joined the US Air Force and became an FAA Airframe and Powerplant mechanic, licensed to fix extremely complicated jet engines.

Sean H. Worthington is the creator of CloudCoin, the world’s first Cloud-based currency and the author of the book Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Digital Currencies.
He is a tenured faculty member in the Computer Science Department of Butte College in Northern California and an expert in computer information systems. Sean has completed all PhD work in Computer Information Systems and is working on his dissertation: Counterfeit detection systems.

His new currency, which he says is unhackable, untraceable, and can’t be lost, counterfeited, or double-spent, boasts transaction speeds 1000 times faster than Bitcoin, and can, if desired, be conveniently stored where governments, thieves, and hackers will never find it: in the CloudCoin owners mind.

“Clearly, digital currencies are here to stay, and we are pleased to present an innovator like Sean who is on the cutting edge in this space. It is an exciting opportunity for conference attendees to take advantage of his knowledge, experience and expertise,” said Doug Bedard, PCMA Chair.

“CloudCoin is the second technology to solve the physical integrity problem,” Worthington said, “It has the luxury
of looking at blockchain’s mistakes, number one being scalability. The more people that use Blockchain, the
slower it gets and that’s causing all this frustration and what are called hard forks and soft forks. They’re having wars about what the algorithm should be. CloudCoin does not have that problem. It’s scalable and very fast.”

“Sean will also tell us how monetary systems are, in fact, information systems”, says Georgina Blanas, PCMA
Executive Director. He says, money is data and the job of data is to be accurate and to give us insight into how to
conduct business. This type of information most certainly helps set the pace for the private capital markets.”

WHO SHOULD ATTEND? Entrepreneurs, disruptors, tech innovators, exempt market dealers, private capital issuers and companies, legal, accounting, and compliance advisers, private equity and venture capital funds, investment advisers and regulators.

The PCMA’s paramount goal is to create opportunities to bring together the unique issues of our private capital markets into a single forum. The PCMA Conference is the ultimate opportunity to provide access to the top industry leaders and regulators and to bring forward the ideas and opportunities that will grow and transform the private capital markets.

Please join us on April 12th at the Arcadian Court to interact
with leading experts on a range of topics dedicated to helping you grow your business, navigate complex regulatory issues and prepare for the private capital markets opportunities on the horizon.

For more information, please contact:
Jacqueline Sallas-Syrett
Media Relations and Communications Director

About Private Capital Markets Association of Canada
Since 2002, the Private Capital Markets Association of Canada (PCMA) has brought together exempt market dealers,
exempt market product issuers, and professional advisers to the private capital market. The PCMA is the leading national industry voice for the private capital markets to securities
regulators, government agencies, media, and other sectors of the capital markets. The PCMA provides valuable services and benefits to its members, including: regulatory and
compliance resources, opportunities for professional development and industry education, exclusive insurance programs, and access to a network of private capital markets
professionals from coast to coast. In 2012, the PCMA launched The Private Capital Market Awards- the first and only national industry awards celebrating and the success stories
of our private capital markets professionals. For more information, visit:



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