How to add CloudCoin Finance tokens to your Metamask crypto wallet in 3 easy steps

CloudCoin is not just joining the Decentralized Finance #defi movement but is creating its own Decentralized CloudCoin Finance platform with the hashtag #ccfi, and the token ticker CCFI. Both CloudCoin, RAIDA, and Binance Smart Chain technologies are taking decentralized finance to a whole new multichain level with us being pioneers, explorers, and leaders, not just followers. Full details about CloudCoin Finance at

This article describes how to add CloudCoin Finance tokens to your Metamask wallet in 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Download, and install the Metamask crypto wallet

Go to & click the “download now” button.

Metamask crypto wallet

Next, you will see the page below, I highly recommend using your laptop, the Google Chrome browser, and install Metamask as a browser extension. Please store in a safe place the private key of the wallet, and don’t share it with anybody for security purposes. Metamask’s website offers all the information needed to install and run successfully the wallet.

Metamask crypto wallet

Step 2. Add Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

Once you open the wallet you need to click on the button highlighted by the red arrow and add the Binance Smart Chain details, because BSC is not added by default at the installation.

Adding Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

By default, it is usually added Ethereum Mainnet. You have to go to the bottom tab and click on the “Custom RPC” tab, which will open a menu where you can add the data for Binance Smart Chain. In the example below, Binance Smart Chain Mainnet is already added :), but you got the picture.

Adding Binance Smart Chain to Metamask

Once you click “Custom RPC” you will see this menu as below.

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