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We hear from end users on their journey through their cloud native transformations — their approach, goals, choices they made, challenges they faced and more. If you would like to participate in the podcast series, please contact us.

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In this episode, we hear from Brad Linder, Director of Cloud Native Engineering, Sling TV on their journey of cloud native transformations. Thank you for your time and insights, Brad!

Sling TV’s Cloud Native Transformations — Brand Linder, Director of Cloud Native Engineering, Sling TV


Sling TV is the current leader in the live streaming television market and has around 2.3 Million customers. Their key challenge is to provide live TV content over the internet to millions of customers across variety of devices which are customer provided and owned. They were able to enable CI/ CD at scale for this primary use case and one click deployment by adopting cloud native technologies over a period of 18 months.

Cloud Native Transformations at Sling TV

1. Primary use case is to deliver a personalized, highly available meta data service layer to an extremely elastic user population over the Internet at web scale.

2. Journey of over a period of 18 months, meeting the key goals of CI/CD at scale, common cloud native tools across the organization and one click deployment.

3. Leveraged existing co-lo data centers and skill sets on infrastructure and developed skill sets needed for cloud native technologies while setting the stage for hybrid cloud.

4. Re-architected monolithic applications in to cloud native patterns / microservices on a case by case basis. Some applications were not re-architected to be cloud native as they were better suited to run in their current architecture.

5. Leverage a common set of tools and processes to provide web scale for “free” for application development teams while maintaining operational efficiency.


1. Work across the organization to get to a cloud native world.

2. Sling TV considered different platforms before standardizing on a Rancher Kubernetes implementation in order to provide consistency across different environments while providing the best experience possible to their customers.

3. Partner with key stakeholders from the C level to the individual contributors to help them along the journey to become cloud native. Folks had to be trained up on new technology and paradigms in order to transform.


1. Use the right technology for the use case in front of you, not everything should become “cloud native”

2. Allow folks to understand the new tech in their own way, people will be your largest challenge in this journey

3. Do what is right for your use cases and business, do not just implement a technology or paradigm to say you did.

4. Copy-Pasting reference architectures do not work; apply cloud native best practices to your specific use case and organization. Whatever you implement must make sense to your culture, business and key strategies.

5. Enable a technology for the entire organization to use in a common way. This will enable a more robust and resilient solution for the organization as a whole and save you a lot of time, pain and money in the long run.

You can read more about Sling TV’s use case here.