(In)corrigibly ruined

Things cannot be ruined.

As with the right mindset you can always find positives on anything.

So basically there is no bad day.

No spoilt weather.

Or even ruined anniversary day with your partner.

There might be a day you didn’t manage to acomplish everything you desired.

But that could provide some valuable lecture on how to manage your time more effectively.

There might be weather you didn’t like as it spoilt your plans for today.

But that could provide some unexpected adventure. Or at least a well deserved rest.

There might also be some stuff happening that didn’t go according to your expectations.

Like some incident on the anniversary day between you and your partner.

An incident which made you both angry and the whole day ruined.

But yet it cannot be ruined.

As the incident could provide some valuable experience on how to handle your emotions and communicate properly.

So for next time you could push aside the bad stuff and keep on enjoying the good stuff.

The stuff we’re normaly used to consider incorrigibly ruined.