Is heart enough?

Words are powerful. But confusing at the same time.

Sometimes I realize how much easier the life would be without them.

Because basically all we need to understand are the basic emotions.

I can see it here in Thailand. I barely use english.

Much more it’s about gestures. Energy. And the emotion you shine out.

People can understand emotions without explaining.

Little children can do it as well.

They don’t need words.

Because they understand the essence of what you’re trying to say. And react to that very spontaneously.

Adults don’t react that way. They usually keep straight face to keep good manners.

But the other person, baby and even animal can usually see their pretense. Unless you’re very good at hiding your emotions.

Most people can’t do that. Sure — we talk to each other trying to keep the emotions secret.

But all we manage to do is instead of hiding we surpress the emotions.

And that surpression can be felt quite well in any dialogue, gestures or other signs. It’s that pressure on the back ground, barely visible yet obvious.

So what am I trying to say here?

Well, quite nothing as usually.

But maybe one thing after all:

Words are wonderful. And powerful for sure.

But sometimes maybe too complex to both use and understand.

So instead of relying on our head and tongue all the time, relying on our heart might be an easier option.

By doing that maybe we realize we already know enough.

And understand enough.

And what’s enough?

Maybe the point we feel satisfied.

And can we ever feel satisfied?

You decide…

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