On habits

“Learn these 11 habits and your life will improve drasticaly.”

“22 habits of the most succesful people and why should you embrace them too…”

These 101 habits will finally make you happy.”

Habits here, habits there. Quite everybody seems obsessed by this word.

I’m alergic to what we’re used to call habits.

Fed up with chasing perfection and success.

I can’t take any longer following someone else’s patterns. Even mentors and their guaranteed formulas on how to deal with my own life.

Why? Because I’ve tried.

And all I’ve learned was whenever I rely on someone else’s approach I lose my own trail I wish to follow.

It’s still a bit dull isn’t it? You pay money to someone else to embrace his own methods to change your life.

But what if his / her methods doesn’t go with your values? Then what?

Will you let your mentor to push yourself mindlessly in order to achieve your goals no matter what?

I don’t say it doesn’t work this way. Some guys made it like that.

But it’s their own path. And we all most likely won’t get the same result by following the same path.

In the end we’ll have to start over.

Find our own pace and methods.

Methods we can experiment with instead of following them mindlessly.

And maybe after all this happens…

… maybe then we’ll be able to build our very own habits which lead towards anything we seek and deserve.

But not until we bind ourselves to boring routines and guaranteed formulas invented by someone else.

Not until we finaly start believing.

In ourselves.

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