Plan. And don’t at the same time

Which day is better?

The one you managed to wake up according to your plan?

Or the other one when you slept until lunch with no alarm clock adjusted?

Which trip is better?

The one planned ahead with a list of thinks to see?

Or the other one taking place spontaneously?

I see people trying hard to gain control over their lives. And there is quite nothing wrong about that.

Nothing except for one thing: the lack of balance.

People stick to their plans so fiercely they forget listening to their true needs.

Their true desires.

Even to people they care about.

Is planning and getting stuff done really that satisfying?

It is. There are plenty of books and articles explaining how human brain reacts when things get done.

It’s like a drug addiction. It makes you feel like someone who’s worth it.

But it kinda sucks after a while, does it?

We all know that.

That’s why we hate our jobs.

That’s why we feel stuck.

That’s why we’re stressed all the time.

The key to get out of this circle seems simple: we’ve gotta find a balance between planning and acting spontaneously.

What does it mean? Sorry, I have no idea.

All I know is what I feel. And this is what I fell:

Plan. And don’t at the same time.

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