Power of words

I’m not the visual type. When I was in seventh grade my arts teacher gave me the C evaluation adding a postscript: “Lack of imagination and quite poor graphic depiction skills.”

Back then I used to hate her as the evaluation stole me the chance of being amongst one of the top students in the class. Now I’ve gotta agree with her.

Even today I can hardly produce and appreciate good painting or photo. But I don’t mind.

I’m not interested in photos or paintings. I don’t take pictures of food, animals in the zoo or sunset at the beach on holiday like everyone else does.

My passion is words. I love trying to explain stuff, tell stories or formulate thoughts by writing.

I believe words are still enough.

No matter how instant the age and people, the words still have their own place as a mean of communication able to present ideas and inspire.

Words are still there to encourage both guts and fantasy.

Do you remember how wonderful it was reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone for the first time? Or Lord of the Rings?

Do you remember how picking the stories and using them as a metaphor to your own struggles helped you dealing with them?

Do you also remember there were no connections between Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe?

No similarity between the etheric Legolas made up by the wonderful fantasy of J.R.R Tolkien and that gay version of Legolas portrayed by Orlando Bloom?

Words can do one think all these instant photos and social media videos are unable to: when used correctly and confronted at the time of need, they can truly inspire you.

Give you guts to try something new and maybe persuade your self-confidence you’re actually worth your existence.

Not mentioning the rare (but still real) cases in which words helped curing severe diseases like cancer.

Yeah, even that powerful the words might be.