Truth being untrue

Every truth spoken or written is untrue at the same time. Even this sentence.

So why bother reading? Or speaking? Why bother believing? We’ve gotta belive something. There’s gotta be truth somewhere.

Well, let me explain. There are several perspectives on this. I’ll pick the easiest one.

All we do is we often confuse experince with truth.

Anytime we speak or write our strongpoint is our experience. Therefore we tend to generalize and that’s where the truth manipulation begins.

Right now I’m in Thailand. And when I came here I was told many times how rude it is to hold my wife’s hand in public.

How rude it is to even take cash out of your purse in public, demonstrating how rich you are (not my case, haha).

How rude it is to touch people’s heads.

It’s all bullshit.

Everyday I see Thai couples holding their hands.

I see people taking cash out of their purse quite often when purchasing my food or another stuff.

And there were definitely a few cases I saw them touch each other’s heads.

It’s all bulshit. And true at the same time.

Look: there is always a risk of outraging somebody. And the reason for that doesn’t have to do anything with hands or money.

You can outrage people simply by using wrong tone of voice, gesture… you name it.

So basically there is only one thing you can do about it — realize the relativity of truth and then choose your own attitude and follow it.

You can believe all the “truth” in the world and dig yourself into fear of outraging somebody.

You can also ignore any attitude and customs and do whatever you want, but be ready to take responsibility when things go wrong.

It’s also possible to observe other people and decide to follow a reasonable compromise to express freely while not outraging somebody.

You can do anything. And nothing at the same time.

Because all we talk about and every truth we seek is true and untrue at the same time.

Yep — even this article.

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