Cloud Computing Weekly Digest: August 1, 2016

by Joe Kinsella

Did anyone else watch Jason Bourne this weekend? The climactic finale at a Vegas tech conference reminded me a lot of AWS re:Invent. The car chases, casino crashes, and fight scenes brought back fond memories of re:Invent 2015. But the movie also left me with some additions I’d like to make to our CloudHealth Tech re:Invent Survival Guide. If you haven’t already read it, this guide gives attendees tips on everything from attire to nightlife. Here are my late additions courtesy of Jason Bourne: 1) when co-presenting with the CIA director, don’t go out on stage if he takes a sudden last minute call; 2) only play slot machines beyond the driving distance of a fast-moving armored SWAT truck (and you may be surprised how far this is), 3) leave spy gear at home since everything you need is given away on the trade show floor; 4) don’t worry about crashing your car into casinos / parking garages since humans are practically indestructible; and 5) when pulling a Snowden, don’t — I repeat don’t — tell your personal assistant.

Let’s get started with our week in review.

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