Cloud Computing Weekly Digest: August 5, 2016

By Joe Kinsella

In celebration of the XXXI Olympics, today we will be putting our top cloud providers through my favorite summer events to see who gets the gold. The good news is you can attend this virtual competition without confronting the triple Rio threats of Zika, pollution, and crime. The bad news is that, like Rio, we forgot to build any supporting infrastructure for our Olympics. Our competitors today will be Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Let’s light this Olympic torch.

First up is one of the more puzzling summer events: dressage. In this event a rider prances a My Little Pony around a ring while an audience looks on in stunned silence. Upon seeing this for the first time, most people usually ask themselves: is this really a sport? And then they involuntarily ask the next question: should this really be a sport? Our cloud equivalent of dressage will be bringing the public APIs of our cloud providers through canters and pirouettes to see which one is best. After a lot of tense REST API calls, our winner is… Amazon, whose APIs are the most comprehensive, best documented and flexible. Our silver medal goes to Microsoft, with the bronze to Google.

Congratulations medalists. Let’s take a short break from the competition now to review the latest news from the cloud.

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