Cloud Computing Weekly Digest: July 8, 2016

by Joe Kinsella

The big story this week comes from Washington D.C. After months spent investigating the Hillary Clinton email scandal, F.B.I. director James Comey concluded there was no crime. My sympathy for Hillary Clinton went through the roof when I learned the State Department required its staff to use Blackberry phones. While not yet recognized by the American Psychological Association, “Blackberry shame” is a real thing, and desperate phones can require desperate measures. But what disturbs me most is that the leading Democratic candidate for President of the United States ran her own… (gasp)… physical server. Who in 2016 would purchase a server, rack mount it in a data center, install an operating system, configure its security (apparently this step was optional), and operate it? Is that someone you really want to call POTUS? Why not just launch a VM on Azure, purchase a pre-configured mail server from the AWS Marketplace, or use one of many cloud-based mail services? Have you no sense of decency, Mrs. Clinton?

Let’s get started with our week in review.

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