In the Clouds

by Chris Jacob

Many of us here at CloudHealth Tech spend a lot of time in the clouds. Not just the computing kind, but the physical kind — clouds in the sky. Why? Because you can build an application environment with a few clicks, but you can’t build strong relationships without face time. The only way to really hear our customers’ needs is to be there with them, side-by-side, working together to answer to their problems.

I’m a Solutions Architect at CloudHealth Tech. What does that mean? Basically, my job is to help customers get maximum value from our product. It’s technical, challenging, rewarding, and certainly never boring (if this sounds appealing, then I encourage you to apply).

My Travels

My frequent travel helps make sure our customers are getting the most out of our platform. Trips provide valuable insight that can get turned into new product features, new services, and more. And, more often than not, these trips give us some pretty amazing travel opportunities.

So far this year, I’ve travelled to Sydney, Tokyo, Seoul and London. That’s just in the first half of the year, and there’s more to come. Each trip has given me a chance to work alongside our customers to help them come up with better ways to use CloudHealth, and make some great memories along the way.

I’ve played the game of two-ups on Anzac day in Australia with one of our customers, eaten amazing sushi with our AWS contacts in Tokyo, cooked bulgogi with prospects in Seoul, and had afternoon tea on the floor of the AWS London Summit. I’ve seen the Sydney Opera House, Meiji Shrine, Mt. Namsan, and Tower Bridge. As amazing as it’s been to visit these locations, the real memories come from our fantastic customers, partners and prospects who have generously shared their time to introduce me to their country (and tolerated my karaoke “singing”).

Why We Travel

Traveling to see our customers and contacts is the only way we can really understand what our customers need from us. I’m fortunate to have had the opportunity to go on these trips, but it’s not limited to just one department . Sales of course needs to visit in order to build the relationship. Operations goes to hear about customer needs to build new service offerings. Engineering goes to sit side-by-side with customers to build new product features. Support goes to quickly resolve customer issues. Having the right people in the right place lets us quickly adapt to our customer’s needs. This global perspective is how we continue to make CloudHealth the best Cloud Service Management platform in the world.

So, for anyone who’s interested in joining CloudHealth: come hungry to solve customer issues by any means necessary. You might have some pretty amazing travels along the way.

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