How did Zentrada - Europe’s leading wholesale Company - save their Developers days of work?

Laura Berger
Aug 22 · 2 min read

Founded in Germany in 1949 as a newspaper publishing house at the “Zentralmarkt” (Central Market), Zentrada is today the continuation of a long and successful tradition.

Zentrada has been trading online via its eCommerce platform since 2002 and is now the leading European wholesale company. Each month, more than 100,000 commercial members log in to meet suppliers from all over Europe and do business on Zentrada and its TradeSafe service.

Moving a catalogue from a home-made tool to a SaaS

Serving over 5.6 million images each month, Zentrada’s image catalogue requires image management tools that can easily scale.

“Before partnering with Cloudimage, we had our own image resizing server system, which was more or less just a file system. We were downloading as well as storing pictures from links shared by our suppliers. This infrastructure stored a mix between original pictures and semi-manual resizes. We spent quite some time working on an in-house image resizing solution, but we experienced many challenges.”

Ingo Schloo, CEO of Zentrada Network GmbH & Co

With a library of more than 5,000,000 images that was growing at a rate of 50,000 images per week, Zentrada needed a strong image processing solution and a highly reliable CDN service.

Efficiency: the secret asset of our team

Zentrada’s development team implemented Cloudimage in less than one week and achieved the result expected of a 30-week project. Thanks to Cloudimage’s partnership with leading CDN providers, about 5 million images are now delivered all around Europe each month at the speed of light. Cloudimage can scale seamlessly to support Zentrada’s fast growth.

Zentrada’s engineering team no longer needs to focus on building their own image-processing infrastructure. Instead, they can invest more resources into shaping and enhancing their customer experience.

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