WebP is coming to Firefox!

In a previous article, we discussed how WebP becomes the de-facto standard for image delivery. It allows to compress an JPEG image by an average of 30% and thus accelerate image loading times on web application by 30%.

However, every good thing comes with a caveat: WebP is supported only on Chrome and Opera and few mobile browsers.

This is changing now!

Firefox introduces WebP support with Firefox 65! This increased with about 5% the amount of web users capable of consuming accelerated WebP images.

How do I benefit from it on my web applications?

Cloudimage’s twebp filter allows you to generate WebP images on the fly and deliver them to WebP-compatible browsers. The WebP compression can be enabled by default for your token once you create a Cloudimage account:

Once enabled, Cloudimage will deliver WebP to compatible browsers over its Image CDN and JPEG/PNG to non-compatible browsers. It does the job for you!

With this piece of news, WebP really becomes a no-brainer for any web applications delivering images to its end users.