Welcome to the (new) Cloudimage blog!

As previous E-Commerce developers, we learnt dealing with images the hard way. We spent hours and hours writing macros on Photoshop or scripts with ImageMagick to resize our images and generate thumbnails for the articles our customers wanted to sell on their online store. Once we had all image sizes created, we still had to host them (storage was not cheap in 2010) and most importantly deliver them fast to online shoppers around the world.

We talked to our friends from other web agencies developing media websites and image galleries and decided to build an image management solution and CDN in the Cloud. This is how Cloudimage.io was born in 2013.

We will share here articles about image resizing, optimisation, acceleration and will try to help you saving a lot of time with image management and delivery.

Of course, we have a commercial product behind all the examples we give and it would be a lie to say that we are not using our blog to advertise our services, but we offer a very fair FREE plan on Cloudimage.io which should offer enough CDN traffic and image storage for a mid-sized website or online store. Feel free to subscribe to a FREE plan to have a Cloudimage token in your hands and follow the tutorials and examples from our Blog.