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A Letter to the People of Myanmar

Photo by Zinko Hein

We see the events that have and are still unfolding since early February. We know that the people of Myanmar have voted, collectively, for the right leader and governmental figures for hopes of a better future.

It is without a shadow of a doubt that these exercises of rights were taken away by the Tatmadaw on February 1st. State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi, ministers and other members related to the NLD were deposed and detained. The people of Myanmar have found numerous creative and non-violent ways to protest against such disdainful acts. The military, in retaliation, has killed numerous protestors and imprisoned and tortured countless more.

Puffin sees all that has been going on and would like to express our support to the people of Myanmar. The ones risking their lives at the forefront to make their voices heard. The ones behind the scenes channeling news and updates regarding what is happening within the country to everywhere across the globe. Puffin Incognito Browser can be the tool to help continue this fight against the oppression of the military government. Communications cannot be traced to their origin, sites visited cannot be tracked. Secrecy and security are what is needed right now, and this is what our browser can provide.

Puffin stands with the people of Myanmar.



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