Introducing the Puffin Internet Terminal; Turn a Raspberry Pi Into a high-end PC

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2 min readDec 5, 2018

After months of persistent development, we are excited to launch the Puffin Internet Terminal — a desktop virtualization app for Internet browsing designed for Raspberry Pi devices and powered by Puffin Cloud.

The Puffin Internet Terminal

Featuring Puffin’s signature speed and performance, the Puffin Internet Terminal is designed to offer amazing performance on low-cost systems like the Raspberry Pi. Running on the newest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ ($35), Puffin is up to three times faster that Google Chrome running on the HP Chromebox G2 ($200+). It offers up to three times the performance for less than one-third of the price. Puffin on the Raspberry Pi even offers browsing speeds and performance surpassing that of Google Chrome on the new Google Pixelbook ($1,000).

Comparing Puffin versus Chrome on the Raspberry Pi

By combining inexpensive hardware with a fast and powerful cloud-based program like Puffin, consumers can experience an excellent PC solution at an unbelievable price point. We know there’s no better low-cost PC, online browsing solution on the market for consumers, students and schools. Not to mention, it offers the same security protections as our other Puffin browsers, ensuring that our users will never fall victim to viruses or malware as a result of their online browsing habits.

As a high-performance browser on a low-cost desktop computer, we hope the Puffin Internet Terminal will not only be of benefit to consumers here in the states, but also for individuals and schools in developing countries seeking an affordable option to access the internet. It provides ample opportunity for students to learn the functions of a computer and access Puffin Academy, which contains a plethora of educational resources for K-12 students.

You can download and experience the Puffin Internet Terminal for free right now! Learn more via our website.

We are also proud to share that the Puffin Internet Terminal was selected as a CES 2019 Innovation Awards Honoree in the Computer Hardware and Components product category, scoring highly across all judging criteria.

We’ll have even more great news to share at CES 2019 — come visit us at Tech East, Westgate Paradise Center, Booth #310 if you’re at the show!

Shioupyn Shen
President & CEO



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