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Is CloudMosa insane to support Flash beyond 2020?

Puffin will continue to support Flash beyond 2020 to provide Flash content publishers’ business with a painless and reliable ongoing solution.

People say that Flash content is not safe, and Adobe previously announced in July 2017 that they would stop distributing and updating Flash Player. All browsers, including Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Firefox, will no longer support Flash after December 31, 2020.

However, they forgot that some publishers of educational content do not have the budget to transfer the content from Flash to HTML5/ WebGL. For example, Animal Jam, an award-winning online playground for kids with 300 million registered users, is based on Flash content.

Furthermore, there are still 38,000 Flash online games. If we calculate the minimum yearly revenue by $3000/ per game, there is still 114 million potential revenue in this market.

Thus, CloudMosa has decided to support Flash not only in Puffin browsers but also release Puffin Flash Store to the remaining educational publishers and game content publishers still using Flash.

With Puffin, people around the world can use Flash content safely in their browsers. No need to install any software or any browser extensions. No additional settings are required. Just visit the Puffin Flash store in your browser, and it simply works.


Puffin Flash Store is implemented by CloudMosa’s Avatar technology, a cloud-based isolation solution to protect users’ computers, data, and privacy from web threats.

Advantages for Flash content publishers:

Publishers can still sustain their business that is based upon Flash content. Meanwhile, their users can enjoy Flash content with Puffin Flash Store on Chrome without installing an extension or an additional application. It is a painless solution. It is possible to customize for publishers’ needs, like the same domain name or other features’ support.

All they have to do is simply sign up and make their site listed on Puffin Flash Store:

Or just contact us for more information:

Puffin Flash Store (

Benefits for end-users:

The end-users can enjoy a “safer” Flash experience through the Puffin Flash Store without requiring extra steps.

CloudMosa provides a safer Flash experience by utilizing a cloud-based isolation solution, which protects users’ computers, data, and privacy from Flash flaws.

To know more about Puffin Flash Store:

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Company Website:

Puffin Products Website:

If there are any further questions, please feel free to contact us.



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