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3 min readNov 19, 2017


A web browser is one of the most important applications on any computer. Millions of users rely on it to perform everyday tasks, ranging from catching up on the news to watching how-to videos. However, browsers are also very complex, and they require most of the device’s CPU and memory resources to perform properly.

For years, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and its predecessor Internet Explorer, have been in fierce competition, improving their web and JavaScript speeds and resource efficiencies. They’ve developed new engines, optimized code and implemented new standards — all to achieve the holy grail of browsing experiences. But none of them are thinking outside the box. They’re all trying to solve the problem within the device and forgetting to leverage the power of the cloud.

Enter Puffin Browser: willing to use the cloud as a means for building the best web browser out there.

How can the cloud make a better web browser? Check out these screenshots of a recent JetStream benchmark comparing Puffin, Firefox and Chrome on a ThinkPad X1C with i5–5300U CPU and 8GB DRAM.

Puffin Browser
Firefox Quantum

Puffin scores 206.48–51 percent better than Firefox, and 52 percent better than Chrome. These tests show it to be the fastest web browser compared to other major web browsers, all because of the cloud. Amazing, isn’t it?

Not convinced? Here’s another test comparing Puffin and Edge browser on an HP ProBook 430 G3 with i3–6100U CPU and 8GB RAM, which gives you an idea of just how much faster Puffin really is.

Puffin vs. Edge on Page Load Times.

Puffin is faster than Edge by 216 to 467 percent. In general, page load times can be observed as being twice as fast on most web pages when using Puffin.

But how can Puffin, a browser created by a small, unknown team, beat major web browsers created by large corporations backed by 100,000 engineers? In a nutshell, it’s all about getting outside the box.

To us, it’s shocking that major web browsers aren’t fully utilizing the power of the cloud to transform browsing experiences into hyper-speed. After all, web browsers essentially operate within the cloud already since websites and web services are largely hosted there. There are some web browsers leveraging the cloud to compress data, share bookmarks and tabs among devices, etc., but none of them use the cloud to solve the most important issues of the web browser: speed and performance.

Puffin’s secret for beating all major browsers is its use of cloud servers’ computational power to load and render web pages. No matter what device you’re using, browsing with Puffin is the equivalent of capitalizing upon extra CPUs and additional memory for everyday web browsing.

I plan to reveal the revolutionary technology behind Puffin Browser in future blog posts, but for now I sincerely ask that you give Puffin Browser a try.

Imagine what the cloud can do for your web browsing experience. Think outside the box. While we are a small team, we are very creative and believe that the future of browsing is in the cloud.

If you’re ready to see how Puffin Browser is changing the game, you can find downloads for Android, iOS and Windows here:

Your device will thank you.

Happy browsing!

Suyuan Chang
CTO, CloudMosa Inc.



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