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Puffin Cloud Isolation: Truly Valid Method of Web Isolation

As a leading tech company in remote web browser services, CloudMosa has created apps for iOS, Android, smart TV, and PCs to bring remote browser services to various platforms. We are pleased to present our latest product: Puffin Cloud Isolation. We combined our remote web browser service and the latest advances in web technologies to enable remote browsing on users’ existing web browsers. The zero-footprint design ensures safe browsing on users’ current devices without installing additional applications.

Since the web browser’s introduction 30 years ago, it has become an essential application on our computers. Our daily tasks, from work to entertainment, rely on our web browsers. Recently, web browsers are the #1 target for cyberattacks. Studies have shown that more than $100 billion has been lost annually due to cyberattacks. Hackers worldwide are working day and night to find weak points in web browsers, while browser companies work to keep you safe from security holes and vulnerabilities. It is a cat and mouse game between browser developers and hackers, and Puffin Cloud Isolation is the perfect solution.

With the most powerful remote browser engine and developed to serve more than 140 million users, Puffin Cloud Avatar is your cloud guardian to fight known and unknown web threats. The “Avatar” retrieves and converts HTML, JavaScript, and CSS into harmless plain data and neutralizes any malicious content, safely presenting it on your browser. If hackers exploit a browser vulnerability, they can only see the Avatar in the cloud, not your computer. No attacks can ever connect to your web browser or computer. That is how Puffin Cloud Isolation stops tomorrow’s web threats: fully isolating them in the cloud today.

As an early technology adopter and a savvy Internet user, you probably can quickly assess the risk of websites and internet activities. But unfortunately, you never know when shit will happen. To avoid this, we recommend you use Puffin Cloud Isolation. Go to to start your navigation, or add in front of the URL you want to visit. For example, Then you are 100% safe with us.

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Secure browser solution built for enterprises that balances employee productivity and business security.

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