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Puffin on Windows; Now Puffin Secure Browser

With the new Puffin Secure Browser, you are guaranteed security and encryption for all of your Internet browsing habits

First and foremost, we at CloudMosa would like to thank all of you for supporting our Puffin Browser family. Your passion and support have been the driving force behind the development of the wicked-fast browsing experience you’ve come to know and love. We are proud to have spent the last decade improving Puffin into the online browsing powerhouse it is today.

But in order to continue dedicating resources to Puffin and advancing the product across all platforms, we had to make a change to our Windows browser. The previous Puffin on Windows has been discontinued and was replaced with the superior Puffin Secure Browser for our Windows users.

This change is to ensure that our Windows users are getting the superior browsing experience they deserve, while also being able to offer the control and performance options that our business users have been asking for. We did not make this decision lightly, and we hope you understand.

The new Puffin Secure Browser is offered at three different levels:

1. For Individuals — any person can license Puffin Secure Browser for $1/month for their personal internet usage. Alongside the usual superior browsing experience of Puffin, these users will also have priority internet traffic on select servers bucketed for consumer accounts.

2. For Teams — groups can license an account with a number of users. Puffin Secure Browser Standard version allows for up to 500 users on one account at a rate of $2/month per device. Education version allows for up to 500 users on one account at a rate of $1/month per device. These users on team accounts will get priority traffic on select servers bucketed explicitly for team accounts, along with access to some administrative tools for their account.

3. For Enterprises — large businesses can license Puffin Secure Browser for over 5000 users under one account at a volume discounted rate. These enterprise users will have dedicated servers for an unparalleled performance guarantee for their account. Enterprise accounts also have customization features and more administrative controls like the ability to develop and implement policies for users on the account.

Puffin Secure Browser ensures any viruses and malware you encounter while browsing the internet are completely isolated from your devices

Like all of CloudMosa’s browsers, the Puffin Secure Browser enables superior speed and security by shifting the workload from the user’s device to cloud servers, which can communicate with the web server much faster than the user’s device. Thus web pages load on Puffin’s servers in a split-second via cloud-rendering and are then quickly displayed via the Puffin client.

By tunneling web traffic through cloud servers, Puffin Secure Browser is significantly more resistant to traditional cybersecurity attacks and better able to securely encrypt data for its users’ online sessions. Such a separation completely eliminates threats introduced by user browsing habits and mistakes to protect the device hardware and software from malware and viruses. This makes Puffin Secure Browser the most secure browser on the market, overcoming the key weakness of all other web browsers.

For consumers and businesses concerned about privacy and security on the internet, we’re sure that Puffin Secure Browser offers the perfect online protection at a reasonable cost. We hope you all will agree!

You can also learn more about the Puffin Secure Browser, including security benefits, subscription information, and download links, on our website.

Secure browser solution built for enterprises that balances employee productivity and business security.

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