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Puffin Secure Browser is launched on Windows and Mac

Puffin Secure Browser is launched on Windows and on Mac. Puffin Secure Browser is the most secure web browser ever. Thanks to the Puffin Cloud Engine, users can click any link on the Internet without worrying about virus infection on their PC.

Browser Isolation in the local sandbox is insufficient. All major browsers fell to white-hat hackers at Pwn2Own browser hacking competition every year. The most secure sandboxes from the most talented browser companies are simply not good enough.

Puffin implements Browser Isolation in a cloud sandbox. The cloud sandbox can’t isolate viruses 100% just like the local sandbox, but Puffin’s network protocol can isolate viruses 100%.

The extreme robustness comes from the extreme simplicity. Puffin’s lean-and-mean PostScript-like page layout language is too lightweight to bring viruses from cloud servers to client devices.

This hyper secure web browser technology is just unimaginable on other browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari. Welcome to the new world order where virus infections are blips in the history instead of challenges in the future.



Secure browser solution built for enterprises that balances employee productivity and business security.

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