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Puffin TV Chatbot: A brand new feature to quickly send links onto your Smart TV.

With smart TVs now being used by tens of millions around the world, it is important to have apps that match the quality of the devices themselves. Since the debut of Puffin TV, we have been working hard to provide updates to improve the overall user experience.

For 2021, we are proud to announce a new feature: The Puffin TV Chatbot. Our new system makes setting up your device and sending URLs to your Smart TV a breeze. Simply follow the steps shown from the Puffin TV app and prompts from our chatbot to start watching videos and more in no time!

Below is a video walkthrough of how it works.

For those that have been using Puffin TV for the last couple of years, we would like to thank you for your loyalty and support. If there are other features you would like to see, or have suggestions to help us improve our products, please visit

To start using Puffin TV, head over to

Secure browser solution built for enterprises that balances employee productivity and business security.

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