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The Future is Now: Puffin Cloud Apps

Apps of the Past

Traditional apps take up a lot of space, the majority of processing done locally, and for devices with entry to mid-tier performance, the user experience often leaves much to be desired.

The Cloud, Now Everywhere

As a result, in recent years, cloud apps have been becoming the norm for both the casual consumer and businesses alike. Companies are migrating to cloud computing for processing and storage, transforming their IT infrastructure. Entertainment such as Netflix utilizes AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft’s xCloud and Google’s Stadia being the key players to the advancement of the gaming industry. Even the ubiquitous Google Drive and related apps all operate from the cloud.

Advantages of Puffin Cloud Apps: Lightweight, Efficient, Rapid

Puffin brings the next generation of mobile applications through cloud apps. Lightweight, efficient, and with all processing done within Puffin’s online servers, cloud apps are able to operate at wicked-fast speeds, regardless of the performance capabilities of a device. As a result, as long as one has a decent internet connection, they will be able to have a smooth and snappy user experience with these apps.

Innovative and Groundbreaking

Recent trends have all been pointing to the future of cloud technology, especially in the app sector. Puffin seeks to continue innovating to provide the most cutting-edge and novel products and services for our customers worldwide.

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