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True Privacy with Puffin Incognito

Photo by Michal Biernat

An Underestimated Asset

Privacy has been an under-appreciated value for years. In the early days of social media, the goal was to connect with as many like-minded people as possible, with as much information about yourself as possible. In hindsight, most gave little thought to the potential trail of information they would be leaving on the web.

Digital Footprints and Connectivity

Now that the internet has been around for quite some time, two things stand out. First, users’ online actions are constantly being monitored, traced, and used for target marketing. Second, with all that has been happening in the world, the internet is a key tool for people to relay information to others, locally or internationally. Anywhere you go, and anything you do online; you are not the only one with such personal details.

Our Solution

This is where Puffin Incognito Browser comes in. Using the latest advancements in Puffin Avatar Technology, we deliver a solid browser with the following features: Full encryption, no tracking or tracing, no geolocation, all permissions blocked, and more. Absolute privacy with zero compromises. We want users to have absolute peace of mind knowing that whatever websites they go to, only they will know.

Puffin Incognito for Android is now live on the Google Play Store!



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