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Why is Puffin TV Browser so popular on Android TV?

For the last five years, Puffin TV Browser has been the browser of choice by over 2.7 million users. Although not pre-installed on Android TV or set-top boxes, how is it still the top pick for so many worldwide?

At Puffin, we wanted a browser that was intuitive, fast, and one that we would want to use ourselves. With this goal in mind, we set out to create the framework, functions, and setup sequence for Puffin TV Browser.

As billions of people around the world have smartphones they use on a daily basis and are familiar with, we decided to incorporate these devices into part of the setup process. A user would find a website or video they want to view on the TV screen and have the URL sent to Puffin TV Browser. With just a few clicks, they are ready to go.

Users are able to save links for frequently visited websites or video channels, order food via popular food delivery apps, shop online through major retailers, and more!

Recently, in the pursuit of improving our products, we have introduced the Puffin TV Chatbot. Now with Facebook Messenger, this new feature is even more straightforward and responsive in helping users be able to watch content on their TV at home.

At Puffin, we believe constant improvement is necessary. We would love to hear your feedback on what can be refined further or new features that should be added.

We hope you enjoy using the Puffin TV Browser!



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