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Why Puffin OS #1: The First Priority is the Next Billion Users

The Mobile OS Landscape

Here is the “magic quadrant” of Mobile OS based on the affordability (price) and the usability (satisfaction). iOS and Android OS are designed for the first billion users where the usability is high but the affordability is low. KaiOS and Android Go are designed for the next billion users where the affordability is high but the usability is low.

If you pick any point along the “Design Trade-Off” line (as shown in the green lines), plenty of OEM companies can manufacture the phone for you based on the given trade-off point. If the trade-off point is hot this year, you get a hot product this year. If not, you can try again next year. I am not interested in playing the “bet the trade-off point” game. Instead, I am interested in making technology breakthrough and creating a Mobile OS where both affordability and usability is high. The breakthrough is the “Avatar” technology of the Puffin OS. It can make low-end phones 10 times more usable, or high-end phones 10 times more affordable, or mid-range phones 3 times more usable and 3 times more affordable simultaneously (as shown in the red lines).

The Puffin OS is the Seiko of the Mobile OS. I was inspired by how the “Quartz” of Seiko fought against the “Craftsmanship” of Switzerland when I was a little boy. Seiko won eventually by (1) developing the breakthrough technology in Quartz, (2) making extremely-accurate watches at super-affordable prices, and (3) last but not the least, putting the next billion users as its first priority. It is OK if some super-rich people never buy Seiko watches. It is their loss, not Seiko’s. I do believe the Next Billion Users is the Next Big Thing.

I will have a series of posts talking about the Puffin OS. This is the first one in the series.



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