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As remote work grows with more employees using public Internet versus internal company networks, there is an increased concern for data security — and with valid reasons. We want to make it easier for employees to securely access internal corporate resources and applications anywhere on their personal devices. With Puffin Enterprise Access, businesses can safeguard assets and have full control over the BYOD environment.

The way we work has changed rapidly in recent years. For example, we used to depend heavily on corporate networks to access information, but now employees increasingly use their own devices for work purposes.

The most essential tools for your team; email and spreadsheets, web-based operation applications like ERP, personnel systems, accounting, and more. What if somehow access to these tools has suddenly been cut off? Or worse yet, what if such applications are only usable within the physical walls of the company? You may find it a struggle to keep employees productive if they are allowed to work outside your enterprise network.

Accidental data breaches

We have all heard stories about sensitive corporate data falling into the wrong hands. In a recent study, 85% of employees are more likely to leak files versus the pre-COVID era. However, most of these individuals are not necessarily malicious insiders; instead, they’re just negligent in actions. It is not uncommon for employees to use personal devices for work-related tasks such as accessing internal websites and applications, accessing files stored in the cloud, or participating in video calls. As a result, such instances are very likely to occur.

Current constraints of internal access for a remote worker

When an employee works from home or in a coffee shop, their device is typically not protected by enterprise firewall or antivirus services. In the event that an employee needs to access enterprise IT services and applications, they are constrained by the performance of their corporate VPN (which routes all communications through a central server). Should an influx of access from various users occur to access the network, such a method can become a potential bottleneck in productivity and efficiency, not to mention that a reliable VPN is massively complex for IT personnel to manage.

Puffin Enterprise Access, secure productivity from anywhere

Puffin understands that accessing work-provided content from personal devices presents several IT challenges, including security, control, and cost-effective infra deployment. Puffin Enterprise Access helps to equip the company to prevent security breaches and enhance employee productivity.

Enterprise websites and applications are rendered within the Puffin Remote Browser engine and delivered to user devices over a secure connection.

Now, employees can access internal websites and applications instantly — without logging in through a VPN. This means:

Seamless remote access

Employees can access internal web-based applications without additional configuration.

Better user experience

Employees can enjoy fast responses to internal content with their default browsers, like Chrome or Edge. (Work with Puffin Cloud Isolation to deliver a native secure browsing experience.)

As Puffin Enterprise Access works seamlessly with existing infrastructure and security policies, here are some benefits from an IT standpoint:

Enhanced security

Reduce attack surface: Puffin renders internal content into vector graphic commands and transmits it to the end user devices to “re-draw” the result. Consequently, web threats from the open internet are incapable of executing malicious agents causing damage and losses to internal company systems. See how we protect your business with Puffin’s remote browser architecture.


  • Works with current infrastructure: No need to move or migrate your internal content or applications.
  • Works with SAML 2.0: Integrated directly into your existing enterprise authentication system, like Orka, etc. (work in progress)
  • Reduce IT complexity: Cost-effective alternatives to VPNs allow for IT to easily configure and manage.

Puffin Enterprise Access is now available with Enterprise Security Solution.

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