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Why You Need Puffin Incognito

Photo by Warren Wong

Protects against website tracking.

Internet privacy is almost nonexistent now. Site visits are tracked for first to third-party cookies, social media platforms serve targeted ads. In some cases, GPS tracking and even voice recording unbeknownst to a device owner can all be used for delivering custom content to an individual. As a result, despite using a typical browser’s “private” mode, there may be unknown variables that can obtain your browsing history, and perhaps even personal information without logging into any accounts.

Protection against censorship.

We believe in an open web, one that does not unfairly restrict websites that otherwise should be accessible by everyone. To be able to search for information freely, to connect with others outside the country, and more. Although each country and entity has its own set of laws, there comes a point where certain constraints are simply against the freedom of speech, the freedom of expression, and more. For example, opinions based on a few members of a governing platform should not result in unfair rulings on censorship that pertains to the general population.

Circumvents restrictive network providers.

A step below governing bodies would be internet carriers that have their own set of rules. Some of the restrictions made by them can further limit freedoms of all sorts. With Puffin Incognito, users are able to access blocked content. Censorship has proved to cause more harm than good and these scenarios are no different.

Personal protection against oppressive governments, domestic or foreign.

Censorship aside, many face threats or worse for sharing content or opinions that simply do not align with that of a ruling party. Such individuals can be monitored and punished for their actions which would be considered perfectly legal everywhere else in the world. A platform is needed for these people, to communicate, to freely express themselves.

The true private browser you have been looking for all along. Download Puffin Incognito today on the Google Play Store through the link below!



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