Next Generation Software

Dev Raj Gautam
Mar 11, 2019 · 1 min read

We should have our own mission as a company, rather than copying a fancy nice slogan :P we will come up with our original words to our mission.

We are in a Mission to Power World’s Next Generation Software.

In our definition the Next Generation Software are Intelligent Software Solutions Which are Intelligent because of its Data Centric Approach, and uses AI & Machine Learning solutions to Automate Critical Business activities.

We will use only and every Technology That Adds Value

We will be not rigid to one Technology or Programming Language, rather we will find the best for the solution to be developed.

We believe in “Doing” not “Over Doing”, which means we use what is best in cutting edge technology in right scale to provide innovations for your business.

We are not a AI Company. We will also build the Enterprise Software as others do , but they Will be of Next Generation.

Rather than being a Whole AI and ML company, We will add and develop such capabilities as components to the software we build. Our focus is to help business achieve affordable & implementable intelligent solutions.

Dev Raj Gautam


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Dev Raj Gautam

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I am capable of providing scalable and robust software and data solutions to solve real world problem, leveraging the skills and experiences



Cloudtai Develops Enterprise Software Solutions for Local and International Clients. This Solutions are Next Generation because they can automate critical business processes and with its data centric approach this software can provide useful insights and recommendations.

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