Cloudup for Photographers

Cloud storage solution for professional and hobbyist photographers

If you’re looking for a great cloud file storage solution as a photographer, might be the perfect tool for you!

While many other cloud storage providers limit accounts by the number of Gigabytes that may be stored, Cloudup works on a per-file basis, and you get 1000 of them for free! What else makes it a great contender for photographers? Let’s take a look!

Lots of Free Space

One aspect that makes Cloudup such a great solution for photography is the per-file limit — RAW files can be huge, easily ranging from 10-40mb per image, and while this would be potentially devastating to a Dropbox, consuming all your space, to Cloudup it’s just another item and you get 1000 for free!

For example my Nikon D7000 RAWs are usually around 20mb each, the free Dropbox account would hold roughly 100 of these, so you get 10x the space with Cloudup — that’s a pretty nice win.

Great presentation

As a hobbyist photographer it’s important that the tools I use are enjoyable, and more importantly that they have great presentation — especially important if you’re working with clients.

Cloudup works great for archiving purposes as well as sharing. Any kind of media, including photos, videos, links among others may be grouped into a “stream”. My stream below is comprised only of RAW photos!

Raw photo stream

To contrast with other services out there, here’s what RAW photos look like on Dropbox:

Dropbox presentation

Preview Quality

When you upload a photo to Cloudup we produce a number of images reduced in size for viewing on mobile, desktop, and HDPI displays, and minimal compression to ensure that images load fast but look amazing.

RAW image preview

So what about Dropbox? Let’s just say — it’s not too exciting:

Dropbox preview


Cloudup parses the EXIF metadata embedded in your images, making it easy to recall settings from a shoot that you may want to reproduce.

EXIF tags


By default Cloudup uses cryptographically strong unique identifiers so that no one can ever reach your files unless you explicitly share the stream with them. At any point in time you may revoke access, password-protect the stream, or delete it entirely.

If you’ve just finished a photo-shoot and wanted to share the results with a client, you could password protect a stream and email them the link for review. With its gorgeous presentation the client can easily review the results, and then download all of the originals as a .zip file.

Password input page presented to the client

Get sharing!

Don’t take my word for it, give it a try!