Introducing Cloudup

The best way to share

Cloudup is our brand new product for sharing “streams” of images, videos, audio, links and more — instantly!

The initial version is available as a web application designed for the desktop and mobile devices, as well as a native OSX application for ultra-quick sharing.

Let’s take a look at how Cloudup can improve your workflow, collaboration, and sharing between friends and family.


Cloudup’s minimalist design makes content king — providing a stunning way to share artwork or imagery of any kind, no other sharing service puts this much emphasis on creating a look and feel that is enjoyed so much by everyone involved.

We produce thumbnails for nearly every kind of file you can imagine, camera RAWS, office documents, code snippets, images, videos and many others to produce an engaging product.

Fullscreen photo stream

Your artwork & photos have never looked better:

Fullscreen item view

Designed for sharing

Unlike similar services such as Dropbox, we prepare your documents in a variety of ways to ensure everyone can view them, including video transcoding, office document PDF conversion, image compression for various devices, and many others.

Realtime updates

Streams are updated in real-time, so your friends get updates instantly on their device, creating a whole new kind of sharing experience.

Stream images and video while travelling, attending press conferences, or stream a special occasion to loved ones across the globe!

Realtime streams

Images are made instantly available on other devices, before uploading is even complete!

Instantly available

Sharing a stream via email or social media on your device is extremely easy:

Share dialog

Serious business

Cloudup isn’t just for sharing between friends and family, it’s a great tool for the workplace as well. Team members can easily share documents, photographers can share private collections with clients, real-estate agents can stream private photos to potential buyers and so much more!


Contextual information such as EXIF tags for photographers and videographers help make Cloudup even more useful for your specific use-case, and you’ll see a lot more refined functionality like this in the future.

EXIF tags


As a team with members all over the globe we know how crucial it is to eliminate any unnecessary steps when collaborating with your team. The native OSX application lets you share files and folders instantly by simply dropping them on the status icon.

The stream’s link is copied to your clipboard so you can share it with the team with no additional effort.

OSX application

With preferences like “Auto-upload screenshots” you’ll be in productivity heaven!

OSX application preferences

Use cases

You may still be wondering what Cloudup can do for you — just to spark some ideas here’s some things I use it for:

  • showcasing photography
  • distributed bookmarks
  • online shopping comparisons
  • archiving camera RAWs
  • sharing event & travel photos / videos
  • receipt photos for taxes and home insurance
  • sharing assets between our team
  • creating streams of travel plans (maps, itineraries, destinations, etc)
  • client photography work with private streams
  • presentations

Cloudup is a simple and versatile way to share and collaborate, get creative!

Future Cloudup

We’ve only just begun, and we have many more exciting features in store for all of you! Make sure to follow us on Twitter @cloudup for updates.