About me-the writer

Caught between two languages, my mother tongue (Italian), which has always felt like a straitjacket, and English, whom I love, like capital-letter Love, with all the self-doubt and insecurities that Love unveils, like constantly needing the dictionary’s approval or Google’s number of occurrences validation. I know, hopeless (I told you it was real Love).

So here I am, caught pulling a door that says P U S H, while I should instead simply break in to find out that I am hopefully not alone in enjoying the quicksands and treasure hunting of cross-cultural and cross-language writing.

Before I publish-reedit-repeat a few dozen times, let us take a deep breath and state it right-here-right-now, I want to write (better) and be proud of it. I will invent a new language, I have no other option, I will pay tribute to the roots and the new buds, and the sap that feeds both.

Not sure where it will end, but this is where it begins, wish me luck.

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