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JABU — ARTivist for Social Justice and Social Change.

Jabu was born in an Apartheid-era South Africa and has become a renowned artist/painter.

His art is incredibly unique. Transcending his experience of growing up in an unfriendly world by creating a world of his own of one that embodies positivity and interconnectivity, made all the more vibrant by the diverse colours and unified activism portrayed throughout his work, which he calls Transformative Art .

“Creating art for art’s sake is not enough for me, so I create cause-driven works of art. My creativity is inspired by the voiceless.”

His biggest passion is giving the voice to endangered wildlife, the oppressed, marginalized, and indigenous people around the globe, and past and present leaders for peace and equality. Art is Jabu’s tool to communicate with the masses about issues that are everyone’s concern.

“Butterfly Effect Series in NFT” / Rebuild and Renew

In many cultures around the world, the Butterfly represents hope, endurance, and renewal where life can change for the better.
Did you know that butterflies are not only ephemerally beautiful; they’re crucial pollinators for various essential food crops and flowers. And they’re disappearing fast all over the globe. Over the past four decades, more than 450 butterfly species have declined at an average rate of nearly 2 percent a year in the western US only. Jabu has decided to paint a series of paintings to raise awareness about the issue, and he’s minting those into his first-ever NFTs to reach out to his “digital” fans.

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