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Yes, You Do Want to Burn Your Instagram Posts into NFTs, and Here is Why

As a content creator on Instagram (or Twitter, TikTok and YouTube), you probably can’t escape all the noise about NFTs. We want to help you understand why this is important to you and why it will change how you interact and grow with your followers and fans.

So, what on earth is an NFT?

First, let me answer a slightly different question. What is blockchain? Blockchain is nothing more than data storage. It is a database but in the form of a ledger. Before computers, people used to keep records in paper ledgers, adding one line at a time. Blockchain is that in digital form with a clear difference. There is no Tippex. Once a record is written, it cannot be changed. What this means is that any transaction stored in the Blockchain is there for good. No one can alter it, and no one can change the owner of any digital assets written into the blockchain. will launch on the Polygon Blockchain, an Ethereum Compatible chain, which uses a token called MATIC instead of Ether as its native currency.

If you own an NFT, then no one else on earth can claim to own it or take it from you.

If you have kept up, then I can answer the question posed at the start:

Why do I want to burn my Instagram posts as NFTs?

Take a trip down memory lane. Scroll back through your Instagram timeline and see if you can find something that stands out. A particular post, one that had an exceptionally high engagement and has special meaning in the journey to build your creator brand.

Why leave your best moments on Instagram when you can take them back and demonstrate their value on a free and open marketplace?

And here is the kicker

Remember when I said that NFTs were programmable? That’s really important because we can ensure that every time your NFT is resold on the open market, you always get a cut! It’s on the blockchain. Not only can ownership not be stolen, but origination also cannot be denied. This is in fact, how Beeple made all that money. He did not sell his work. He got a cut of the resale because it was programmed into the NFT that he would.

About powers the creator economy of the future by turning the most valuable content, such as your most successful Instagram posts, into unique NFTs. As a microservice, a marketplace, and a staking platform, is where creators and fans come together to create, grow or exchange social capital through the $SWAY token.



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