Clover at DeveloperWeek 2017

Last week, San Francisco hosted the world’s largest developer expo and conference series. First Data, Clover’s parent company, was front and center as a sponsor for the event. Our busy week included appearances at the DeveloperWeek Hackathon, hiring mixer, conference talks, and a booth in the expo.

DeveloperWeek Hackathon

The DeveloperWeek Hackathon is nation’s largest challenge-driven hackathon with over 1,000 participants. We challenged participants to find innovative ways to use our platform to improve the experiences for merchants and their customers. We had 19 teams enter our challenge to win our grand prize: $1,000 Gyft card, Google Home, Phillips Hue starter kit, and GoPro.

We were impressed by the overall quality we saw, but a few ideas especially stood out. StarMe allows restaurants to get instantaneous feedback on the quality of their visit. After payment, customers are directed to a short survey where they can provide feedback. This feedback can be posted to Yelp or just used internally to improve customer service. Merchants are empowered with insights based on an actual customer experiences.

Another favorite was Keen — an app that enables billboards to accept payments directly. Passersby can purchase products straight from the billboard kiosk. To keep foot traffic flowing, customers follow up on exact order specifications with an SMS chatbot. For example, you can pay for coffee directly at a billboard, customize your drink through your phone, and then pick up at the nearby store.

The winners of the Clover challenge, Unifi, tapped into a merchant’s loyal customer base to create a peer-to-peer referral reward system. Unifi encourages customers to spread the word about businesses in exchange for rewards. New customers and customers who referred them both get rewarded. Unifi increases foot traffic for merchants by rewarding customers for referring new customers. Merchants can grow their customer base quicker and more cost effectively.

Team Unifi — winners of the Clover challenge at DeveloperWeek 2017 Hackathon

Along with winning our prizes, the winning team was invited down to Clover HQ for a catered lunch with our engineering team. We also got to sit down for a quick Q&A about why they chose to integrate with Clover and their experience doing so.

“There’s nothing really that we’ve seen that is similar to Clover — that kind of ability for developers to get involved. One system to support so many types of businesses.”

Conference and Expo

Our booth at both the hackathon and expo was stocked with tons of swag: stickers, bottle openers, t-shirts, and Clover beanies. The beanies proved to be especially popular. We also were giving away a chance at a $500 gift card for stopping by our expo booth.

First Data and Clover booth at the expo

John Beatty, CEO of Clover, gave a talk about Operating IoT Platforms at Scale. He discussed the importance of security in IoT platforms. Sharing personal anecdotes of a hacked security camera, he explained why security is so important to him and Clover. Since our devices are always connected, we make security a priority. For example, ROMs are secure and apps require triple signing, making it difficult to get an unauthorized app on the devices.

John Beatty, CEO of Clover, giving his talk about Operating IoT Platforms at Scale

James Cha, Developer Advocate at Clover, talked about Technology, Fintech, and You. He explained how fintech has evolved with technology at large. Payments innovation has accelerated because we are at a point where compliance is no longer a barrier to entry. Clover devices handle the compliance, so developers can easily integrate their point of sales solutions with Clover.

Hiring Mixer

As part of the largest hiring mixer in San Francisco, we mingled with hundreds of attendees and shared the exciting opportunities at Clover and First Data. To find the latest information on open positions and benefits, check out Careers at Clover.

First Data and Clover at the DeveloperWeek Hiring Mixer

We had a blast at this year’s DeveloperWeek. We had a exciting week meeting so many talented developers, and we look forward to meeting more at other events. If you are interested in developing your own apps on Clover, check out our Developer Docs.