Clover Whips Up Restaurant Focused Developer/Sales Event

In May, Clover held a two-day pilot event in the restaurant capital of America–New York City–where our third-party developers were able to showcase their apps to our Clover sales representatives in the restaurant vertical.

With over 230+ apps, we are always looking for new ways to promote our Clover App Market developers. The goal of our event was to educate our sales reps on third-party apps and give them face-to-face time with the developers. Armed with the knowledge of third-party apps, sales reps are able to connect merchants with apps, helping merchants streamline their business.

Third-party developers Kipos Labs, MarketMan, Coin Out, and Menufy contributed to our event. Each developer shared their app, roadmap, answered questions, and received feedback.

Kipos Labs promoted their apps: Clavo Online Ordering, Clavo Tables, Clavo Waitlist, Clavo Orderpad, and Clavo Hub. While Clavo Online Ordering is their most popular app, the trio of Clavo Orderpad, Clavo Waitlist, and Clavo Tables provides an alternative to the Clover Tables app. Some of the exciting features of these apps include the ability to text message customers when their table is available, order at the table, and send orders to the kitchen at various times.

MarketMan showcased their MarketMan Restaurant Inventory app which allows elaborate inventory management and displays complex reports. They can determine actual versus theoretical supply usage based on recipe and quantity purchased, track pricing per item per vendor, and integrate with numerous vendors for easy ordering.

Coin Out presented their CoinOut app which takes your cash change and digitally saves it. The change can be pushed to your bank account, an Amazon gift card, or a charity of your choice. The app ties your phone number to your CoinOut account and you don’t even have to sign-up ahead of time; a customer will get a text message the first time they use it to configure their account. The best part of CoinOut is it’s free for the merchant and the customer.

Menufy explained how their Menufy Online Ordering app is cheaper and better than Eat24 and GrubHub. Menufy creates the online ordering web pages or works with your already existing domain to host the web pages. They also provide professional services in many languages to help setup, configure, and boost the merchant’s overall online media presence (Facebook, Yelp, Twitter, and Google Business Listing). The app charges $1.25 per order — paid by the merchant or the merchant can push that cost onto the customer.

“It was helpful to share experiences and ideas with my peers as well as get a behind-the-curtain experience with the Clover team and third-party developers.” — Sales Rep

Developers and sales reps were able to network, enjoy the presentations, and learn about the apps. Based on feedback, attendees felt it was a great, worthwhile opportunity. We look forward to hosting more events engaging developers with our sales reps.