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ClubRare Is Thrilled To Announce The Grand $100,000 LP Contest!

ClubRare Is Thrilled To Announce The Grand $100,000 LP Contest!⭐

The CubRare internal philosophy is based on the constant growth of the active core of the community and the fair token distribution among its participants.

The Grand LP Contest will expand the boundaries of the ClubRare universe, heighten the interest of the external crypto community and distribute $100,000 of tokens among those who actively support the development of the project.

Timeline ⏰

To participate follow the steps below 👇🏻

-Apply for participation. Go to the Grand LP Contest page, find the participant registration form, copy your WETH wallet into the Wallet Address field and click the Submit button.

The wallet will be displayed in the table of participants right away.

You can follow us on Twitter, Discord, Medium to stay updated.

Step 2.

Buy MPWR or AGOV. Also you can buy both of them to add liquidity in the next step.


Add liquidity for at least $300 to the MPWP/WETH or AGOV/WETH pool.

Have you added liquidity? Now you may be sure to get a reward for participating in the Grand LP Contest.

Step 3.

-Take part in the Grand LP Contest.

Go back to the Grand LP Contest. There you can keep track of your current rank and the reward you currently qualify for. Data will be updated in 10 minutes after adding liquidity.

You can upgrade your rank by adding additional liquidity to the MPWP/WETH or AGOV/WETH pool and seeing how your current reward changes.

Step 4.

-Reward payout.

AGOV, MPWR’s October 31st CoinMarketCap closing price will be used to calculate the amount of rewards. Distribution of the Grand $100,000 LP Contest Reward:

1) $40,000 dollars in AGOV and $MPWR tokens equivalent will be distributed among the first 10 participants with the highest rank in equal proportions. Everyone who makes it to the top ten will receive $4,000 in AGOV and $MPWR tokens.

2) Another $40,000 in AGOV and $MPWR tokens equivalent will be distributed among the next 50 participants who will rank 11th to 60th in the final table. Each of these 50 wallets will get $800 in AGOV and $MPWR tokens.

3) Another $20,000 in AGOV and $MPWR tokens equivalent will be divided among the rest of the participants. Those who rank 61st and down will receive a guaranteed reward in proportion to the liquidity they contributed.

Vesting period: Five percent of your winnings will be transferred within 3 days after the ClubRare Grand LP Contest is over, then linear 5% unlock every month.

All winnings will be transferred to the wallets registered in the ClubRare Grand LP Contest.



ClubRare Universe is an ecosystem of Web3 products built with and for a thriving community of collectors, bridging from the metaverse to the physical world.

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