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5 min readJul 1, 2022


The last two weeks have been an incredible whirlwind of heart-warming emotions as our NFT.NYC sponsorship, live auction launches, and our own Web3 Collector Afterparty were met with positive success! Thank you so much to everyone that has supported us and cheered us on! We had an incredible panel, the food was amazing, and we had an amazing time networking with top leaders in the space from companies such as Google, Samsung, and The Wall Street Journal.

Follow us as we take you through a media tour of the event in NYC!

Our Booth:


and ClubRare swag. These sunglasses are a total vibe!

Web3 Collector Afterparty hosted by ClubRare as NFT.NYC’s finale event

with incredible food and drink options…

and our incredible view outside the salon!

Here are some clips of our NFT.NYC billboards along with our Times Square billboards as well.

We’ve been brewing (pun intended) up a new and exciting partnership with Budweiser & Relevant Customs for ClubRare’s Live Auction! In the last two weeks, we successfully launched our two first auctions, Relevant Customs and Leto Lama. Our collaboration with Relevant Customs led to a partnership with Budweiser AJ1s! We will soon announce the unique phygital NFT collection of our alliance with Budweiser being an official partner! We are super pumped about this!

Check out the animated gif created for the Air Jordan 1s Sneaker NFT.

The sneaker in physical form at our booth during NFT.NYC!

Above, our CEO, Paul Chung with sneaker artist, Jon.

Stay tuned for videos of ClubRare’s CEO, Paul Chung’s speech at NFT.NYC & the Web3 Collector Afterparty!

Additionally, our Social Media team was busy doing real-time tweets at the event. If you have missed them, you can always scroll back through the previous posts for additional content on Twitter:


During the event, we’ve got some great artists who have reached out and are interested to list their pieces on our marketplace! ClubRare is working closely with our partner, Celebrity Fashion Designer Naeem Khan, in choosing the best piece that will tell the story of his brand and will soon be available for auction on our marketplace.

Relevant Customs has been amazing and more brands will be collaborating with us and Relevant Customs for our upcoming Crowdfunding Project, which will be revealed soon. We’ve met some incredible folks and companies in the industry during the event and had the chance to participate in several interviews, explaining more about ClubRare and our ideal partnership opportunities.

Press Releases

Here are the three major press releases that we’ve put out to support our most recent updates and activities (NFT.NYC, MXN Holdings Partnership, Phygital Marketplace, and the Metaverse):

What else is cooking in our kitchen you ask? Plenty! Now that we’ve shared with you the front-of-house updates, here’s what we’re reporting from our back-of-house operations:

From the platform side, we’ve launched the auction collection pages and buyer+seller delivery notifications are working as intended!

Head on over to the Live Auction: for your chance to bid!!

On the operations and logistics side, we have officially partnered with MXN Holdings to leverage their 18 warehouses in 7 different countries! This is a big deal for us and will significantly improve UX across the board! MXN Holdings has 20 years of experience in cross-border e-commerce. With major partners like TUMI, PUMA, ASOS, and Naver, they have helped over 6000 brands achieve global e-commerce. We have boosted our security in our warehouse and upgraded all of our web cameras as well. On our site, the website form and general support form and functions are live!

Other capabilities include:

  • Whitelisting Capabilities for Partnered Sellers
  • Support Form
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Collections Page
  • Submit / View Tracking Number
  • Basic Analytics
  • Edit Button for Descriptions

Follow our Twitter for more updates, and join our Discord to discuss, and share your thoughts about our event, and updates, partnerships, what you’d like to see, and connect with members and ClubRare team! Until next time!



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