Showcase Friday 24th November 2017: “RESIDENT EVIL 7: BIOHAZARD”


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Release: 24th January 2017 
Developer: Capcom 
Pulisher: Capcom 
Genre: Survival-horror (with first-person shooter elements) 
Platforms: Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One 
Mode: Singleplayer, Multiplayer

Link: Official Website

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Do you like family reunions? If you do, then prepare for an experience that will crush your expectations for a nice family dinner. If you don’t, then Resident Evil 7 will still be able to make your experience a lot worse than ever before. In this game, you’re playing Ethan Winters, who received a mysterious video message from his missing wife Mia, who was presumed dead for three years. Obviously in great distress, she asks him to come to her and pick her up from a babysitting job. Assuming that it’s nothing but a bad joke, he heads out to the Baker’s family plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana to find out what is behind the strange events regarding his wife’s whereabouts. Fighting his way through the overgrown bushes of the surrounding area and into the pompous, but extremely run-down and obviously deserted family mansion, he soon finds out that the messages he has received are more than just a prank. And now, we already have to cut this short by giving you some good and some bad news. The good news is, you will indeed soon find what you’re looking for. The bad news however is, things won’t go down as smoothly as you’d hope.


In recent years, Resident Evil, starting with the fourth installment of the series, has become more and more action-oriented. From playing an ill-prepared team of investigators in an old mansion that is extremely vulnerable to the dangers of the situations they are put in, the series went into a monster-hunter mode with progressively stronger main characters and military equipment to fight your way through hordes of mutants and other abominations. Resident Evil 7 takes the series back to its roots now and even further than that. The threat of this game is a rather human one. On your way through the Baker mansion, you are confronted by members of the family who however don’t behave in humane ways, at all. As a regular civilian, Ethan Winters has no fighting experiences, special training or knows how handle situations like to one he finds himself in. He can basically only act the way you would, trying to use the environment to your advantage. This is also the reason why this game is so immersive, supported by the constant first-person perspective. You control Ethan and collect clues to the back story while trying to survive and get out of a hostile environment. On your way, you will have to pick up every object that can be used as a weapon to arm yourself. The setting is believable from the first moment and the realistic nature of the threat, spiked with a little supernatural horror, makes the psychological terror of this release very strong. If you need an extra push, try playing Resident Evil 7 with VR-goggles, as the virtual reality controls were built into the game from start.


Put on your diapers and dive into a grim world of horror. Resident Evil 7 definitely is different from its predecessors. The developers notacibly focused more on survival-horror elements of the series than the combat-oriented titles in the past did. If that’s what you love about horror games, then the praised Resident Evil 7 is the game for you. It still keeps the flair of the series and will make you feel overwhelmed and fighting for your life. However, Capcom also haven’t completely abandoned the shooter-aspects of the franchise, as on December 12, two DLCs for the game will be released: “Not a hero”, in which you investigate the story in a first-person shooter style from a different perspective of the more combat-trained character Chris Redfield, who was the protagonist of titles 1, 5 and 6 and “End of Zoe”, which resolves some mysteries left from the main story of the game. So there is a lot more to come, if you have finished the main game and are still thirsty for more horror!


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