JSHeroes 2017 Transparency Report Part 2 (follow-up)

JSHeroes IS the biggest tech event in Romania dedicated exclusively to JavaScript based technologies. For the first edition, we planned to host 20 international and local JavaScript experts and expected to have between 400 and 500 attendees. The event took place at Grand Hotel Italia, in Cluj-Napoca, and it was organized by Cluj JavaScripters, one of the most active JS communities in Europe. To make JS Heroes more than a community event, you already know we’ve decided to open-source all the information about it.

As promised, we came back with some updates regarding the conference’s budget — as we didn’t know at the beginning how to clearly set our expectations we were able only to..guesstimate it.

In our first article we open-sourced the estimated budget we initially thought about so we can all have an idea of what organizing a tech event means in terms of costs (but not only). As the event is over, we’ve updated them and below you can find some info we hope to be useful for other communities organizing a tech event:

Budget Overview:

  • Cost — 43.355 EUR
  • Profit — 11.266 EUR
  • Attendees — 430 (including speakers & organizing team)
  • Days — 2
  • Speakers — 18


  • Staff — 0 EUR (14 people worked to bring to life community`s dream)
  • Speakers (flight tickets, accommodation, trip, gift bags) — 14.560 EUR
  • Venue + food & drinks (location, 3 coffee breaks/day + 1 lunch/day for every attendee)- 24.174 EUR
  • Foto-video services — 1.800 EUR
  • Swag (stickers, badges), Promotional stuff (roll-up) — 1.026 EUR
  • Accounting services — 500 EUR
  • Promotional campaigns (Facebook ads) — 324 EUR
  • Fees (Ti.to, PayPal, Bank) — 821 EUR
  • Sli.do account — 150 EUR.


  • Tickets — 37.871 EUR (from 367 tickets sold)
  • Sponsorships— 16.750 EUR (from 9 sponsors).

Do you remember our wishful thinking exercise regarding the extra amount of money that could become available due to sponsorships? As things turned out much better than we were hoping when we published our first article let`s repeat it and see what the plan is for the money left:

  • We will invite further JS experts to the Cluj JavaScripters Meetups, so a big part of the money will be spent on covering travel, accommodation & fees for them (speakers from other cities in Romania and from abroad).
  • We will go and speak about the JavaScript community in Cluj, to other geographic areas & sister communities which is good for business, for all companies (eg: communities in Oradea, Bucuresti, Timisoara and abroad)
  • We will support the participation to other conferences for people in the community so they come back with fresh info to be shared with people in the Cluj Javascripters Community (eg: buying the conference ticket/covering the travel expenses ).

and many others.

We hope you’ve enjoyed the conference, gave us your feedback and already planned to come to the next year’s edition, which will be based on better guesstimates :).