JSHeroes, a story written by JavaScript believers…

Back in the summer of 2015 I’ve been in NY for a couple of days. I was eager to learn more about the JavaScript local scene and I checked for upcoming meetups. During my stay there, the next event was organised by NY JavaScript. I booked a seat.

The meetup was held at Condé Nast. I clearly remember the moment when, entering the room where the meetup was organised, Gautam Arora, smiling, is warmly welcoming me. (I had no idea who he was then…). The session starts and it’s about coding in Node: the basics. I was amazed to see this amazing group of people, from community experts gently mentoring the participants and answering to questions, random developers who wanted to learn a new technology, some traders who where curios about coding, and probably some others who where there just for the pleasure of making new friends. And all this group is coding, eating pizza and drinking beers in perfect harmony. The event started around 7PM and ended around 10PM.

Before leaving, I wanted to thank Gautam for the event. We chit chat a bit and then I realise that, in real life, he’s Engineering Manager at Condé Nast and is in charge of one of the biggest website in the US! I have a shock.

This guy, after his hard day of work, is finding the energy to come and share his knowledge and passion with others, in the most simple and natural way. Because he’s in love with JS. That day, Gautam became my JavaScript hero!

Impressed by what I’ve seen, that same evening, I’ve created my meetup account and launched the Cluj JavaScripters community. My new mission was to bring in my home town this truly vibrant community model.

2 years and 40 meetups later, the community reaches almost 1000 members. The community is cooperatively led by an amazing group of admins and our Facebook group has become a valuable source of information for any JavaScript coder.

Then something strange happened. One day we got overexcited about all this adventure and we decided to do a big meetup, to celebrate. Two minutes later somebody said: “You know what? Let’s organise the biggest JavaScript conference in Europe?”. Silence… Probably because we’re blinded by our love for the community (and reckless) everybody said: “Yeah! It’s a great idea, let’s do it!

Now, when I’m looking back to that meeting, I still think we lost our minds.

But who cares? Non-sense won’t stop us! We have no experience in organising events but, nonetheless, we will start with one that aims to bring together 500 JavaScript addicts in Cluj, on June 8–9, 2017. After all, we too have to check if the sky is the limit… :)

And we’d like to dedicate the JSHeroes JavaScript International Conference, to all the ladies and guys who, like Gautam, inspire us.