back by public, the oh-so-fun battle-decks

If you’re on the more spontaneous side of things, we’ve got your back. Besides the regular talks, we’re running a battle-decks session again. We had so much fun last time & the time before!
 So, this means we’re looking for brave and spontaneous guys & girls to join this edition’s BATTLE-DECKS.

We’re preparing the slides (a set of 12 random slides for each contestant), putting together the team of judges & waiting for you to join. How?

We’re glad you asked: just send an email to by August 4th, end of day & let us know you’re up for the challenge.

All the approved speakers & battledeckers will be notified by August 7th, 2017. For details and updates, keep an eye on our social channels!

Come speak alongside Damian Conway, can’t wait to see you take the stage

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