Call for speakers — Summer Meetup with Damian Conway

A new event in the Perl Calendar, powered by Cluj Perl Mongers.

We haven’t had a summer meetup since our first year of community && we feel it’s time we organized a summer party: Perl talks, followed by networking over drinks.

So we’re inviting everybody to join us on August 17th, 2017 at Charlie Upstairs (3, Piata Muzeului, Cluj-Napoca). Yes, it’s a pub-based event, we missed meeting in a less formal environment. ❤

And this one is featuring none other than Damian Conway, flying to Cluj right after The Perl Conference in Amsterdam.

Until we meet, here’s the CALL FOR SPEAKERS. We’re sure you’ve got quite some knowledge to share, so please email your talk proposals to by August 4th.

Topics may cover anything related to Perl development, entrepreneurship, UI, business, devOps, and why not, even other related programming languages! Be creative and surprise us with some really special talk proposals. We know you have it in YOU!

Please keep in mind that there are three types of talk slots: 40 minutes, 20 minutes and 5 minutes (lightning talks)

All the approved speakers will be notified by August 7th, 2017. For details and updates, please visit our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Meetup pages.

Until we meet, keep calm & love Perl!

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