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In 2019, Project OWL deployed 30 solar-powered Ducks called SolarDucks in three different locations in the island of Puerto Rico. In each location, these Ducks generated a mesh network where people can connect to them and submit a message. It also sends sensor and health data periodically throughout the day. All of this was happening without the need to recharge these devices because it was solar-powered. But a problem arose in the beginning of 2020. Puerto Rico was hit with powerful earthquakes stripping away power and internet communications from the already fragile infrastructure from Hurricane Maria. While the SolarDucks were…

There has been a lot of interest in LoRa over the last few years in the IoT space for its long range, low power, and low cost of both hardware and electrical requirements. Platforms (like SigFox, The Things Network (TTN) and now the ClusterDuck Protocol), have made getting started with LoRa and IoT easy by providing wireless hardware and software infrastructure. We can easily connect our device to services we build ourselves. The benefits of LoRa intrigued the interest of people in the natural disaster sector. The natural disaster sector has been stuck with a problem: “How will we be…

BMP180 is a great way to start learning how to integrate sensors with DuckLinks. The BMP180 are these really small sensors that collect temperature and pressure. It requires three steps: Soldering the BMP180 to a board and Uploading the firmware, and Collecting the data.

ClusterDuck Protocol

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