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10 Things You Could Get Rid Of This Year

Because not everything is worth keeping.

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Did you ever break up with a best friend? I know, it sounds very daytime talk show, but this happened to me and it was TERRIBLE. The timing sucked (because the timing of awful events is always bad) and a couple of other friendships got caught in the crossfire.

But I’m not here to talk about the magnificent mess of that friendship implosion. It’s what happened afterwards that’s interesting: removing her from my life left SO MUCH SPACE. And I quickly filled that space up with people who are so much better to have around. #winning

There’s probably some aphorism that describes how much better your life is when you get rid of a thing you thought you needed and then discovered that you were better off without it. Any ideas? I can’t seem to come up with it.

That breakup started on New Year’s Day 2011. I’m not going to say I’m celebrating the 10 year anniversary, because that would be crass and mean-spirited. And untrue.

Instead, to honor the silver lining of that hot mess, I’ve put together a list of 10 things you might consider letting go of this year. Because maybe a gentle detachment is in order. A “conscious uncoupling”, if you will, from people or things or activities that just aren’t ringing your bell.

Not all will seem relevant, but there might be one or two that you recognize as things you’d like less of. Things (people, ideas) whose absence would give you more space for things you like better.

1. A gift or hand-me-down that you’ve never liked but have kept in order to please the giver.

2. A relationship that makes you feel bad.

3. An item you never use, but keep because you feel like you paid too much for it to just… get rid of it.

4. An obligation that involves other people and which you dislike: volunteer job, book club, dance class, happy hour, meetup group, board membership, carpool, etc.

5. An item of clothing you’ve been waiting more than a year to fit into

6. A project you keep telling yourself you’ll finish (or start!) but which is just not inspiring you to action.

7. An item that reminds you of someone you dislike, don’t trust, or otherwise don’t want in your space, energetically speaking.

8. An heirloom you do not want, even if your great-great-grandmother carried it across the country in a covered wagon.

9. An item you are storing for someone else that you are tired of looking at. Could be for a child, other relative or friend.

10. One ridiculous belief you hold about yourself: I’m too fat, I’m a crappy parent, I’m lazy, I should be better at….

Trust me, you’ll be happier with fewer of these things in your life. Promise.

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Julia Williamson


Feminist, optimist, nonconforming pleaser and rebel. I know. I mostly write about getting rid of things you hate, both physical and intangible.