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You Are Perfect

And you are not your mess.

Again: you are not your mess.

You are not your exhaustion, your frustration or your lack of motivation.

If your house is beautifully decorated and perfectly organized, you’re great. If you haven’t seen the inside of the laundry room in weeks and your decades-old couch is covered in dog hair and magazines, you’re terrific.

Whatever you’re doing, it’s fine. However you’re managing to get through the days, you’re magnificent and I’m rooting for you.

I want you to see yourself through the eyes of the people who love you.

If you have anything negative to say about yourself, shut up. It’s not true. You are brave and strong and capable and creative. You are loved.

Have a great day.




We’ve got a lot of extra crap cluttering up our houses and brains and calendars and spirits. It doesn’t have to be this way!

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Julia Williamson

Julia Williamson

Feminist, optimist, nonconforming pleaser and rebel. I know. I mostly write about getting rid of things you hate, both physical and intangible.

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